Loose thoughts

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I got three thoughts I’d like to talk about, and I’ve put them all into one blog post.

My first thought is an idea I got yesterday while falling asleep. This idea is a skin system for LittleLink Custom that allows users to choose a certain theme for their personal pages. After some digging, I found something that looked similar to my idea, and I’ve made a prototype based on what I found.

I also turned this into a fork of the base version of LittleLink you can find that one here.

I will turn this one into a full feature if the demand is high enough.

The second thing I want to talk about is the current version numbering system. Previously, I followed the pattern of:

A = Major feature additions
B = Minor feature additions
C = Minor changes and bug fixes

The problem I’m now facing is that this system increases the version number incredibly fast. This is why I selected to simply go with a linear numbering system. Although I really like the previous system more, as it clearly indicated what could be expected from a given update. Despite all this, I must admit the system we use now is a lot more practical and future prove.

The third thing is that I’m still working on the custom button system. The latest release, version 2.5.9 implemented the security check tool. This is the last update before the new Button Editor, meaning the next update version 2.6.0 will add this new feature. I’m really excited about this feature for the reason that this effectively allows for almost unlimited button combinations, and it adds just about every brand you could want in one update.