Upcoming features

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Today I got an idea how to kill many birds with one stone.

Since the very beginning, I still have custom buttons with custom color transitions on my list of features to add in the future.

Today I came up with a system that would solve a bunch of my problems at once and much more… at least in theory.

I’m essentially planning to implement a system that writes CSS variables directly into the database. With this, user would be able to edit colors, icons animations and much more.

I don’t really like adding new columns to the database, since the update process is still a nightmare and possibly too confusing for inexperienced users. I’m currently working on a system to streamline the updating process, but this still needs a lot of work.

Today, I’m going to draft a new release that sneaks the new database additions in. This update will lay out the foundation of these planned features.

The new entry won’t do anything until I make use of them, hopefully fairly soon, but until then it’s just a placeholder.

I’m trying to implement those changes rather sooner than later to hopefully allow a more streamline implementation in future revisions so that people who make their LittleLink Custom instances now will only have to update the usual way without having to go through the trouble of updating the database.


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